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Mission Statement

To relieve the suffering of dogs within the Staffordshire Moorlands and surrounding area, in need of care and attention and in particular to provide foster homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such dogs prior to adoption homes being found.


Our Goals

Moorlands Dog Rescue is a small charity dedicated to rescuing dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds (as resources allow) with the aim of finding them the best possible permanent loving home as quickly as possible. When dogs are adopted we insist that the dog is returned to us if, for any reason whatsoever, the placement is no longer viable.


We are an all volunteer foster home based organisation; as such we do not have a physical shelter or kennels. We rely on the internet, ‘word of mouth’ and publicity events to promote our work, the opportunities to volunteer and the dogs available for adoption. Our rescue dogs are those who are abandoned, homeless or unwanted and who come from homes, shelters, vets, boarding facilities or the street.


Our aim is to never euthanize animals in our care however in the event of a severe, untreatable/debilitating illness or extremely dangerous behavioural concerns we may have to consider this option (upon advice from a veterinary surgeon and/or certified behaviourist) taking in to account the well being of the animal and public safety.


Moorlands Dog Rescue also aims to raise public awareness of issues concerning dog health and welfare. We also serve our community and adopters by educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership with an emphasis on the need for spaying and neutering and we do our best to break down the stereotypes of many “bully” breeds.


Rescue Dogs

Dogs accepted into our care will:

  • Receive veterinary care as appropriate (including treatment for any parasite or flea infestation).

  • Be micro chipped with the rescue named as a contact.

  • Be vaccinated.

  • Be neutered before the date of adoption, with the exception of puppies, or unless advised by a veterinary surgeon on medical grounds. If the dog is too young or the surgery could not be carried out prior to adoption (in the case of bitches who have been in season too recently) a contract must be signed by the adopter to confirm the dog will be neutered as soon as applicable (as advised by a veterinary surgeon). We will undertake follow up checks to confirm the dog has been neutered. Bitches will not be re-homed whilst in season.

  • Be assessed to ensure appropriate re-homing.

Foster Homes

Foster homes are used to provide the dogs taken in to rescue with loving temporary care until a permanent placement can be secured. They are:

  • Offered by individuals over the age of 18 years.

  • Assessed to ensure a suitable environment.

  • Offered at a level the volunteer is comfortable with and allowing them the freedom to foster.

  • Based on their individual circumstances, needs and restrictions.


We aim to find our dogs permanent, well matched adoption homes.


Prospective homes are carefully screened including home checks, to ensure the needs of the dog can be met and the dog is suitable for the lifestyle of the potential owner.


We offer full rescue back up to assist in securing the dog in his/her new home and, if required, a life long guarantee of returning the dog to a foster home if the adoption is unsuccessful.


We ask that a donation is made to the rescue upon adoption to assist with the costs of rescuing the dogs in our care. The donation varies between dogs and many adopters choose to donate more than the minimum donation. 


Moorlands Dog Rescue is non profit making and has no paid staff.


We rely on volunteers and are funded totally by donations and fundraising activities.


Funds are used for veterinary costs, transporting of dogs, food and equipment.

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