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Get Moving With MDR


This November we’re asking all our supporters to get moving to help raise funds for Moorlands Dog Rescue! As winter approaches it can be tempting to stay inside and curl up on the sofa but we want to encourage everyone to get outside, breathe in the fresh air, get moving and do some fundraising! And if you have a dog for company, even better…


So how does it work…?

We have distance brackets suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and ability so all you have to do is pick a distance you’re happy to complete…(go on challenge yourself) and register with our event on JustGiving. Encourage family and friends to support you through donating or even better to join in. Get moving!!

What are the distance brackets?

You can choose from:




42km – if you sign up for 42km you’ll be completing a whole marathon!!

Do I have to complete the distance in one go?

No! You have the whole of the month to complete the distance you choose which is why we’d encourage you to challenge yourself a bit…

Am I expected to run?

Absolutely not!! You can cover the distance you choose in whatever manner works best for you.

Do I need to have a dog to take part?

No, anyone can take part with or without a dog. Of course, if you have a furry friend I’m sure they’ll love to take part with you.


I’ve missed the start, can I still take part?

Yes!!! You can register at any point in November.

View & Download The PDF Tracker

Click the 'Save' button on the PDF to download to your computer, print out and keep track of your progress. Share your progress on Social Media to help raise awareness.

"'I'm getting moving" Clothing

Now you and your dog/s can look the part when you complete your challenge with our "I'm getting Moving" clothing. Links to the men's, ladies and dog section of the shop are below. T Shirts are available in a wide variety of colours. All profits go to Moorlands Dog Rescue. 

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