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All of our dogs go to foster homes who are volunteers who have kindly opened their homes to these dogs. Anyone can apply to be a foster home and they are always in need as we cannot rescue dogs without foster placements for the dog to go to. All vets bills are paid for by the rescue and there is full ongoing support for any issues you may come across. We also have a group support network for fosterers and adopters to share photos and ask questions. The most important thing is that the dog gets somewhere safe, and we do not discriminate on age, mobility, full time workers etc. Fostering can be a challenging job as dogs are often stressed and we don't always know their history, but you can ask any of our fosterers to find out just how rewarding it is. We are always particularly desperate for pet free homes for dogs who need to be housed alone.

To get more information about fostering, click on the guide to the left, to download the PDF. 

If, after reading the PDF you think fostering is for you, please fill in the below form with as much detail as possible. If you have any preferences to the dog you would like, please fill in those details too. A member of the MDR team will be in touch with you  

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