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Moorlands Dog Rescue is a registered charity that relies solely on donations and fundraising from the public. Without funds and donations, we cannot continue to rescue dogs.  The dogs we rescue come from a huge variety of backgrounds, from owner surrenders and welfare cases, to strays and dogs pulled from pounds just hours before they are due to be put to sleep.


Each dog that comes to us gets health checked, microchipped, spayed/neutered, wormed, flead and vaccinated. All of this can add up to approximately £300. If we rescue welfare cases these can go into thousands of pounds worth of treatment.


All dogs have an adoption fee to help cover some of these costs but we rely on donations to make up the rest.


The rescue relies on foster homes and has no premises, therefore has no overheads or office costs to pay for. It is run entirely by volunteers so no money is spent on staff wages and the majority of phone bills and petrol costs are absorbed by our volunteers, so all money donated goes on costs associated with the dogs like food, leads, harnesses and vet care.


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It occurred to us, that if just one quarter of the people who follow us on social media, committed to donating £1 every month to Moorlands Dog Rescue (less than one cup of coffee) we would have enough funds coming in every month to keep the rescue going as well as enough funds to take on 'welfare cases' where dogs need urgent and extensive veterinary care. This inspired us to start the £1 club. Join us now and pledge your support! 

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